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Dogfights. The Duels of World War II


The pilot series (2013) of short graphic documentaries depicting historical spectacular dogfights that took place in World War II, reconstructed by means of computer graphics and animation on the basis of original pilots’ memoirs.

Each episode shows true historical dogfight based on pilot’s memoirs and told by special narrator in virtual studio in combination with realistic-looking CGI dogfight.

Ivan Kozhedub, April 1945
Alexander Pokryshkin, July 1942
Alexey Alelyukhin, February 1943
Ivan Kozhedub, February 1945
Alexander Pokryshkin, April 1943

Episode list:

Soviet fighter aces:


1. Ivan Kozhedub, April 1945

Ivan Kozhedub’s legendary air battle over Berlin in April 1945.

2. Alexander Pokryshkin, July 1942

Alexander Pokryshkin’s legendary air battle near Izum in July 1942.

3. Aleksey Alelyukhin, February 1943

The legendary dogfight of Alexey Alelyukhin

near Rostov in February 1943

4. Ivan Kozhedub, February 1945

Ivan Kozhedub’s legendary air battle against Me 262 jet fighter

to the east of Altfriedland in February 1945.

5. Alexander Pokryshkin, April 1943

Alexander Pokryshkin’s air battle in April 1943

near Noworossijsk.

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