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This project for the label design of “Premier VMK” alcoholic beverages by the famous Moldovan producer assumed the creation of label design for several product lines: two kinds of moldavian cognac (Divin), two flavors of brandy and two kinds of grape vodka.

Client - "Ukrainian Product Company"/ Canada

Agency - Blue Ant Studio

Due to the different positioning of the products, we were tasked to make a different visual distinction between product lines. Design of “Moldavian Standard” label is inspired by the classic style of moldavian Divins.  As for “Louis D’or”, we aimed to make brand more outstanding and French looking, enriched with elegant details to emphasize the subtle elegance of the festive evening. For flavored brandy we chosen modern typography in combination with stylized illustrations of fruits.

Grape vodka labels design was inspired by vintage engravings to emphasize the adherence to the traditional recipe for the production of the drink.

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